Registered Texas Longhorn Cattle For Sale

Longhorn cattle have been roaming North America for more than 400 years and are one of the strongest breeds of cattle around. The strengths of this breed reflect the rugged natural survival requirements they’ve faced throughout the years. Coincidentally, many of these are characteristics that make them unique and highly desirable cattle in today's environment. Established in 2004, Double N Cattle Company is a breeder of registered Texas longhorn cattle in North Texas.

Known for their longevity, Longhorns can typically live well into their teens and early twenties and have twice the production capacity than other breeds. Females have milking capabilities that are unsurpassed and with a twenty percent greater pelvic area than most breeds, they have little, to no trouble calving.

Nature has also imbued longhorn cattle with excellent milk producing udders. Since calves are a rancher's primary product, it is evident that the more calves that can be birthed by a mother cow, the lower the rancher's cost for replacement inventory. Longhorn cows typically breed well into their teens.


Registered Longhorn AI Program

Texas Longhorns are known for their high fertility and live birth percentages. In addition to natural breeding with our herd sires, we use artificial insemination to impregnate our females using some of the best herd sires in the industry.

Please enjoy perusing our website, and feel free to contact us by phone or email if you require more information about our operation. We keep a wide price range of cattle to assist new as well as established breeders with the purchase of our stock. We offer free cattle delivery to any destination within 100 miles of our ranch. We also deliver outside our area for very reasonable rates.

Contact us at Double N Cattle Company for more information regarding our longhorn cattle inventory and our very competitive prices.

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