Double N Cattle Company is a breeder of Registered Texas Longhorns located 4 miles south of Muenster, TX.  Established in 2004, we focus our breeding on cattle with tip-to-tip measurements in the 70s.  Our philosophy for focusing on these measurement parameters is threefold.  One, in our opinion, the "70s" are the most attractive cattle in the breed.  Two, there is a solid market for cattle measuring 70" - 79" TTT.  And, three, there is some evidence that higher TTT cows do not breed as well.  Perhaps this is natures way of telling the industry it's time to tap the brakes on the emphasis on horn. 
Of course, we also work to breed cattle with good conformation and color, with a focus on brindle colored cattle.  Getting a brindled bull or cow is tricky, but we've had some success thanks in part to our WS Jamakizm breeding. 


We have lots of young heifers for sale.

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