Breeder Of Registered Longhorns In Muenster, TX

Double N Cattle Company is a breeder of registered Longhorns in Muenster, TX.  Established in 2004, we breed only purebred longhorn cattle and closely monitor their genetics.

As well as using our herd sires we also use artificial insemination for longhorn cattle, using some of the best herd sires in the industry.  This year we began our embryo program, concentrating on the embryos of the 80" brindled cow, NN Sarita.  Our thanks to Mike MacLeod for helping us in the endeavor.

We keep a wide price range of cattle to assist new and established breeders, as well as someone just looking for a "front pasture ornament." 

Finally, we offer free delivery to any destination within 100 miles of our ranch and deliver outside that area at very reasonable rates.

Please enjoy our website and feel free to contact us by email, text message or a good old fashion phone call.

Double N Cattle - Breeder Of Registered Longhorns Muenster, TX

Double N Cattle - Artificial Insemination For Longhorn Cattle Muenster, TX

We have lots of young heifers for sale.

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